7 things to do during lockdown that can change your life

Most of us have a lot more free time now that everything is closed due to the Corona virus and because we work from home and save time on our commute. And some of us, like me personally, are struggling with this situation. As a recovering workaholic, not being allowed to work is more difficult than it sounds. It may feel like life has lost some meaning…

So instead of moping around all the time, I am trying to keep myself busy with things that are sustainable and that will have a lasting effect – and hopefully be an improvement of the situation. So I made a list of things to do and I want to share it this week for all those with similar issues!

  1. Start a new habit. Something you always considered to be a good idea but never had the time and leisure to do. For me as an avid runner this was core and stability exercises. I hate just doing exercises. But now I integrated it into my running routine, and I am quite happy with that! Make sure it is something that is good for you, because these days we all need to take care of ourselves more than usual.
  2. Tidy up your flat! Especially now that we spend so much time at home, you will really get to enjoy the benefit of this. Tackle all those nasty corners that you always wanted to take care of, but never really did! Clean the windows and let the sun in. Declutter your house and sell or give away what you don’t need anymore. You can make some money with this and will have it easier to keep your place clean in the future!
  3. Defrost your freezer. Seriously, I guess every freezer in the world could benefit from this. It is easy, does not take very long and will save you money – and will improve your eco footprint, too! It might also be a great time to clean out your fridge and reorganize it so that you make the best use of its temperature zones.
  4. Declutter your wardrobe. In the UK alone, 1.7 bn items of clothing are unused – around 30 % of the total [1]! I am sure you also have some items there that you know don’t fit anymore or you will never wear. Send some time digging into it and remove unused and unneeded things. You can sell them, give them away or recycle them to make new things out of it! And in the process, you might find some pieces that you could now like. I rediscovered a bunch of things that I am looking forward to wear soon, so even though I kicked out a lot it feels like after a good shopping trip!
  5. Try new recipes! With restaurants closed and all of us yearning some great food options, this is the best time to test new stuff. Good food and cakes are great to improve everyone’s mood as well! And while you are at it, make a meal plan! Meal plans are especially powerful to make the most of your food and avoid food waste, but making them up takes time. If you have that now, you can invest it and can benefit from this in the future!
  6. Grow your own veggies! This is a great hobby and can boost your spirit, seeing the little sprouts grow and flourish. And it will provide you with tasty, untreated vegetables later! It might also be a great time to take care of your plants. Having plants can improve your mental health [2] and will for sure pretty up your place – both things we can benefit from now more than ever!
  7. Organize your cupboard. I finally moved all my dried foods (like nuts, seeds and oats that I use to make my own muesli) into empty glasses. This makes it easier to buy bulk and thereby avoid plastic waste! You can reuse glasses from marmalades or vegetables for this. It makes it easier to see what you have and keep everything organized.

This list is all but finished, it is a starting point for all you out there looking to make themselves useful. What keeps you busy these days? Share your ideas and let’s all make the most out of this situation!

[1] http://www.wrap.org.uk/sites/files/wrap/valuing-our-clothes-the-cost-of-uk-fashion_WRAP.pdf
[2] https://metro.co.uk/2019/03/27/experts-tell-us-surrounding-plants-can-help-mental-health-9036358/

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