About nerdup_me

Hey there – welcome to my blog!

My name is Tina, I am 33 years old and live in beautiful Hamburg, Germany since a couple of years. Beside my work as a physicist I am preoccupied with sustainability because I judge the climate crisis as the biggest problem of our time. But as I am aware that I can’t change what is happening on my own, I am sharing here some tricks for more sustainable living on an everyday basis – with a focus on keeping the standard of living as it is.

Beside sustainability I count biohacking and life-hacks to my hobbies, which can be combined surprisingly well. Understaining one’s own body enables one not only to optimize it to a certain amount, it also enables one to live a more sustainable life – by finding the changes in life which are good for you and the environment.

Us physicists, we often are not only nerds, but we are trained to solve problems. So that is what I do on a daily basis: I solve problems in every day life using science. Most of these problems regard sustainability to improve my own dealing with the environment. But also I use the scientific method to solve problems in every day life because it is the best (and only?) approach I know.

I am sharing the results of my research here because I believe they can help others, too. And as the problems of our time are so big, we can only solve them together to make earth a better place. How am I doing this? I am presenting here results of my research in different categories:

I am citing references to my sources on which I base my assumptions and conclusions. This improves transparency and shows that I am not making this stuff up. There are enough fake news in the internet as it is. Links to my sources are shown on the bottom of each article so you can continue reading if you are interested. If you have questions or topics for which you would like a scientific answer, I might be able to help! Let me know via email or in the comment section.

So now get out your inner nerd… nerd up your life!

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